Posthumous Degrees

Purdue University degrees

A candidate must have completed 85 percent of the credit hour requirements and most of the course requirements for the major in order for a Purdue University degree to be awarded posthumously.

Commendation for attendance

If requested by the family, in cases where a student does not reach the milestone to be awarded a posthumous degree approved by the Board of Trustee policies, a certificate of attendance may be produced.

The certificate should be written on IUPUI letterhead or produced with official IUPUI logo with the following language, signed by the dean of the student’s school and the IUPUI chancellor:

Upon the recommendation of the dean of (enter student’s school here) and approval of the chancellor of IUPUI, a posthumous commendation is hereby conferred on (enter student’s name here) based on his/her attendance at IUPUI. This commendation is effective (enter date here).

The certificate will be provided by the registrar to the dean of the school for appropriate delivery to the family.

Approved by APPC and IFC Executive Committee 10/6/2014