Deferred Grade (R)

Grading coursework over multiple terms

Giving a deferred grade of R on a student’s final grade report indicates that the nature of the course allows for their work to be evaluated only after two or more terms. Giving a grade of R is appropriate:

  • In thesis and research courses where the thesis or research must be completed before the student’s work is evaluated
  • At the end of the first term of a two-term course
  • At the end of a course that overlaps two terms, if the course is approved as a deferred grade course
  • Only so long as work is in progress, ensuring both the approval of the department and the willingness of a student to take both terms of a course before getting a grade

If work is interrupted due to extenuating circumstances, you and the student must make arrangements on a term-to-term basis.

Removing an R

Once work is completed or if a student drops out of the course before completing all the work, you must submit an eGradeChange request to assign the appropriate final grade. Note that unlike an Incomplete, an R does not become an F automatically after a year.

If an entire class completes the work at one time, you may submit the original grade roster rather than individual eGradeChange submissions.

If a student is completing work for another instructor by attending your class, you’ll need to instead provide the appropriate grade information to the original instructor. That instructor is responsible for filing the grade change request. If the original instructor is no longer with the campus or is unavailable (for example, on sabbatical), you should provide the necessary information to the department chair. The chair will then file the form on behalf of the original instructor.

Using a paper form

Very rarely, an eGradeChange can’t be submitted. If this is the case, you can get a paper Removal of I or R Grade form from your departmental or school recorder’s office. Complete this form and return it to the Office of the Registrar through the mail or in person. Do not have the student deliver the form.