Determine Credit Hours

How to determine undergraduate academic credit units for your course

A student receives a unit of academic credit when one of the following is true:

  • They have successfully completed an approved instructional course
  • They have demonstrated competency or proficiency, or fulfilled learning outcomes equivalent to an approved instructional course

Generally, one unit of credit equals three hours of in-class and out-of-class work per week (a Carnegie Unit of credit). At IUPUI, an hour is defined as 50 minutes, and a 3 credit class must meet for a minimum of 2,250 minutes (excluding the final exam).

As new class delivery methods emerge, it becomes necessary to determine a unit of credit not based on time. These courses shall use demonstration of competency or proficiency, or fulfillment of learning outcomes to ensure the equivalence of traditionally delivered courses.

Academic credit standards

These standards for a unit of academic credit may be modified only when necessary to fulfill requirements of an accreditation agency. If modification is required, then these standards should be treated as minimum requirements.

These requirements were approved by the IUPUI Academic Affairs Committee on April 6, 2001.