Late Registration & Adds

What happens when a student registers late

Students can register or drop and add classes through the end of the first week of each semester for a full-semester class. During this time, a student can register for or add your course without your signature if space is available and no authorizations are required. Any student who does so will show up on your next roster. If space is available but authorizations are required, the student will need to contact the school or department to get approval to enroll.


Students may be placed in your course by the automated waitlist system, which generally runs through the third day of the semester. If the student hasn’t been placed by the morning of the fourth day of the term, it will be up to you to decide whether to allow the student to enroll as an overload to your section.

Note that a student cannot waitlist a course which requires authorization unless there is an authorization in the system for that student.

Overloading a course

If you choose to admit a student as an overload, you’ll need to sign a drop/add form. The student should get the form from their school recorder or advisor. After they’ve collected the required signatures, it’s their responsibility to submit the form to the Office of the Registrar.

Drop/add forms will be processed after waitlist placement ends to ensure a student using this method doesn’t skip ahead of any waitlisted student.

Late add

After the first week of the semester, students must request approval to add your class.

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