Grade Forgiveness

Grade forgiveness at IUPUI

IUPUI has created a grade forgiveness policy to encourage capable, mature undergraduate students to return to IUPUI if they did poorly during an earlier attempt at an Indiana University education. This policy is not available for graduate students or students seeking any second undergraduate degree.

Forgiveness is not available to students in all schools. Individual schools have the authority to honor or not honor the policy and to set stipulations on any student who is granted forgiveness. A student granted forgiveness in one unit might have that forgiveness revoked upon transferring to another IUPUI school. The option only exists at certain Indiana University campuses and not at any Purdue University campus.

Application of the grade forgiveness policy is intended to assist students in successfully earning a bachelor’s degree from IUPUI by affecting the program GPA only. Advisors can see that grade forgiveness has been applied on the student program transcript under each term in which it was approved.

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