FERPA Records

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) records
Record series title Description Retention period
Requests for formal hearings Student-initiated request for formal hearing regarding amendment of education record P
Requests for and disclosures of personally identifiable information Necessary for compliance with recordkeeping requirements in FERPA P
Requests for nondisclosure of directory information Student request to opt out of directory information disclosures P or UT
Statements on content of records regarding hearing panel decisions If student request for amendment of record is not granted, then student statement must be maintained in the record, and disclosed whenever the record is disclosed P
Written consent for records disclosure Student-signed (electronic or paper) authorization for disclosure of education record P
Waivers for rights of access Covers confidential letters and statements of recommendations related to the student’s admission, application for employment, or receipt of an honor or honorary recognition (section 99.12(b)3) P
Written decisions of hearing panels Decisions resulting from formal hearings regarding amendment of education records P
  1. As long as the record is maintained
  2. As long as disclosed record is maintained
  3. Or 180 days for one-time disclosure consents