F, FN, FNN Due to Nonattendance

Identifying different types of failure

To comply with university policy, you must specify whether a student failed a class because they stopped attending or based on the merit of their work.

FN and FNN grades are treated as F grades on transcripts. The student will not see the FN or FNN.

FN (failure due to lack of attendance)

If a student attended your course at least once, and their lack of attendance is the basis for their failing grade, award an FN. You must also give your best estimate of their last date of attendance or participation in your course. This may be the last quiz or assignment they turned in, or, if you take attendance, a more exact date. (The system will not let you enter a date that isn’t within the dates of the term.) This information is required by auditors to comply with federal financial aid regulations. Be sure to also record this date in your own records, such as your grade book.

FNN (failure due to never attending)

If a student never attended your courses, enter a grade of FNN. It’s not necessary to enter a last date of attendance with an FNN grade.

F (failure due to merit)

If you feel a student has earned an F, whether as a result of poor academic performance or spotty attendance, you should award an F.