Manage Class Descriptions

Help get the right students in the right classes

When students search for classes during registration, they’ll see the general course description from the course catalog. To help them make informed choices, you can provide a more detailed description for your class. Faculty and certain administrative users have the ability to add or edit class descriptions.

You can update and save a class description without displaying the description to students. When your description is complete and you’re ready for students to see it, check the “Display class description” checkbox and save the description. This will replace the general course description with your more detailed class description.

Requesting access

If you’re an administrative user who needs to edit a description for a faculty member or department, you’ll need to have authorization from Student Academic Systems. Send email to to request access. Make sure to specify the level of authorization you need:

  • All classes on all campuses
  • All classes on a specific campus
  • All classes for a specific academic group
  • All classes for a specific career
  • All classes for a specific subject
  • All classes for a specific subject and catalog number

Manage your class descriptions