Change a Grade

How to change a student’s final grade

If, after you submit your final grade roster, you determine that a student’s grade is incorrect due to miscalculation, additional work completed, or other valid reason, you should initiate an eGradeChange and instruct the student to check the Student Center periodically until the change is reflected.

A grade change requires school approval, usually by the associate dean. If they approve your request, it will be routed to the registrar for further approval and action. The student’s record will be updated immediately upon registrar approval.

Student grade appeals

If you don’t find an error in scoring or the recording of the grade, let the student know how they can petition for a grade change.

Expunging a grade from a student’s record

In an extreme case where a class should perhaps be completely removed from a student’s record, contact your school recorder. They will coordinate submitting to the registrar a completed drop/add form along with a detailed memo that outlines the exceptional circumstances that might warrant this action.