Create a New Course

Request a new course or a change to a course

If you’re a faculty member or other approved academic unit official, you can request a new course (or a change to an existing course) online through the course approval and remonstrance system (CARMIn).

How it works

  1. Submit your request.
  2. Your request will be routed for approval.
  3. After all necessary approvals, your course request will be posted to the all-university course remonstrance list on the first day of the next month.
  4. All faculty and staff should review course remonstrance lists. A new list is posted the first business day of each month and remains active for 30 days.
  5. Objections to a proposed course should be submitted through the university’s course remonstrance process.

How to object to a proposed course through the remonstrance process

Proposals for new courses and course changes require concurrence by all IU academic programs on all campuses. This concurrence occurs through the university remonstrance process.

For full course remonstrance instructions, look under the Course Catalog heading at University Student Services and Systems.

An official remonstrance may be filed only by an administrator who is responsible for academic affairs within an academic unit. Copy Margie Ferguson (, Senior Associate Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs, on any remonstrances for undergraduate courses (499 and below). For graduate courses (500 and above), copy both Margie Ferguson ( and Dezra Despain (, Curriculum Resource and Creative Services Coordinator. 

Faculty and staff members with concerns about a proposed new course or course change should contact their academic affairs officer, who will work with the academic affairs representative of the campus or unit where the course was proposed.

Appropriate grounds for remonstrance may include:

  • Equivalence of a proposed course with a course shared in the course catalog
  • Confusion, overlap, or redundancy with existing courses
  • Failure to obtain required approvals
  • Documented lack of resources or of faculty expertise to offer the proposed course

Only if all objections are resolved prior to the end of the remonstrance period will the course continue through the approval process.

Questions about the course remonstrance process?

  • Margie Ferguson
  • Senior Associate Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs
  • IUPUI Office of Academic Affairs
  • University Hall 5002
  • 317-278-1846