The waitlist process

IUPUI’s electronic waitlist system makes registration and schedule adjustment more convenient and equitable. When a course closes, an automated waitlist is created. Students who want to register for the closed course can add themselves to the waitlist. If a registered student drops the course, the first person on the waitlist who can be added is then registered, and the remainder of the students on the list below that student move up one spot in line.

No signatures required (yet)

You won’t need to sign students into your course until the end of waitlist processing. If a student wants to add your course while the waitlist is active, you can direct them to try to add the class—no signatures required. If your course is full, the student can place themselves on the waitlist.

Waitlisted students may sit in on your course

Waitlisted students are placed in courses daily through the end of waitlist processing. Students can monitor their position on the waitlist, giving them an idea of whether they’ll get into your course. If a student on the waitlist anticipates being added and wishes to attend your class, please accommodate them if you can.

When waitlist processing ends

Be aware that there may be some late additions to your course due to waitlist processing. However, no students will be placed from the waitlist after the last day of waitlist processing.

Any students who are not placed by the last day of waitlist processing would need your signature on a drop/add form to add your class, assuming you’re willing to overload your class.

What to do after waitlist processing ends

Learn about late registration